Cutting Edge Supplements

We have a signature supplement manufacturing service for athletic formulas. Using a proven approach, we work with our clients to produce customized formulas that cater to athletes.

Your Design

Our sports nutrition manufacturing service allows you to select the ingredients that support growth, power, endurance, energy, concentration and so much more. Dosage can be customized according to the athletes’ training or event cycles. After we identify the ingredients in your sports nutrition formula, we’ll prepare stunning labels and packaging through our design service according to the sports genre. Once approved, we promptly send your sports nutrition formula to the lab for manufacturing.

Protein Powders

A stable in the supplement community protein powders can be used for strength gains as well as weight gain.


Great for recovery, reducing muscle fatigue and building muscles.

Pre workouts

Get the boost in the gym your customer needs. Preworkouts help with energy, focus, and blood flow to name a few!


Vitamins can be made out of many things, from test boosters to omega-3s.


Our sports nutrition manufacturing approach is simple: provide high quality supplements with customized product options. We do this by allowing every detail – down to the final ingredient – to be chosen by the client. Whether you want to manufacture a mainstream sports supplement for baseball, basketball, football players, Body Building, or niche product for table tennis or paintball players, we can transform your vision into a high-quality nutritional.

For retailers who need specialized product offerings for a variety of different athletes, our service is truly flexible, giving you greater control over the final product outcome. As a result, you can quickly build brand recognition and trust with customers.


When you choose to order sports nutrition supplements through our service, you can expect these benefits:

  • Formulation procedures to help avoid ingredients that violate sporting rules.
  • FDA compliant products.
  • Safe ingredients selected for sporting performance.
  • Customization throughout every facet of your order – large or small.
  • Use of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
  • Unmatched customer service and A 6-week manufacturing turnaround.

What is The Process Like?

Here at Pureformance Nutrition our goal is to understand your market. We look to discuss your brands vision and create supplements that meet that vision. 

1. Speak with us about your concept.

Our team will listen to you about your supplement idea and workout a plan to fit your niche. Creating a supplement that meets your budge, creates desired results, and produces margins to keep your business profitable is what we are looking to create for you.

2. Research and development stage

In this stage, we are creating a formula on paper that meets the requirements you are looking for. Once we have the formula on paper approved we will move on to the next stage, testing!

3. Testing Phase.

In testing we will do sample rounds, we send you samples for you and your team to try. Once you are satisfied with the desiered results and taste we can move on to production!

4. Production Phase

In production, we have 6-8 weeks lead time once we have verified your labels meet FDA requirements.

5. Quality Control and Shipping

After the product has been made we check the product to ensure its correct then ship your product to you or your fulfillment center!

 Formulation Packages


More Details

Use one of our pre-made formulas with your label on it.


More Details

We will turn your formula into a working product, designed with your customer in mind!


More Details

This is our full hands-on approach, we will find out your formula, research your competition and compare the taste of theirs to yours!

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