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Potential Wellness 


ZEN BLEND is a medicinal mushroom drink designed to support a calm mind, body, and spirit. 

Blake Bowman is the owner and creator of Potentia Wellness & Guerrillazen. As a holistic personal trainer, he specializes in posture/alignment coaching, improvement of muscular imbalances, and increasing overall health.

Blake has been a critical figure in the industry for more than ten years! He is passionate about biomechanics, posture correction, strength training, deadlifts, and nature.

What is impressive to us about Blake is how much he cares about his clients and his customers. Blake is continually learning and providing quality information to those who follow him.

Potentia Wellness is an idea Blake and his partner Lance created to give back to the world through their passion for medicinal mushrooms. They saw the current mushroom market was not using proper quality mushrooms resulting in non-effective products. Their goal was to create a product that was of high quality and effective, precisely the type of products we are interested in creating.

Our mission?

Help Potentia Wellness create an effective product that is of high quality and tasted natural.

Our approach needed to be detailed and only use ingredients that met the standards of quality.


An all-natural mushroom product that targets a calm mind and stress reduction.


Pureformance Nutrition helped Potentia Wellness create Zen Blend a product targeting mood and stress reduction, using the highest quality log grown reishi, no mycelial biomass, zero toxic sweeteners, GMOs, binders, or colors.

Developing the Strategy

We sat down with Potentia Wellness to discover the direction of the product. They already had an idea of the product they wanted to create. Our goal was to bring the concept to life. Knowing they wanted a quality product, the goal was to balance an effective product with quality that could hit their intended price range.

The strategy was simple, highest quality mushrooms, natural – no mycelium based mushrooms, quality sweeteners, and a flavor profile that is great in many things.



For the formulation of ZenBlend, we wanted the product to be simple and effective. It should target the reduction in stress, improve the immune system, decrease inflammation, improve energy and focus, and be consumed easily in water and coffee. Once we knew what we wanted, we set out to get the proper ingredients. The supplier we used is one of the only manufacturers in America that log grows their mushrooms.

Based on our targets, we knew magnesium, reishi, cordyceps, and bacopa would be a great combination to achieve thier goals. We also identified chocolate as the best flavor profile to get an earthy taste and can be used in multiple applications, including the coffee.


The flavor system for ZenBlend was unique. Quality mushrooms do not taste delicious, and we wanted to limit the usage of maskers, and stick to using organic cocoa powder. Potentia did not want a product that masked the quality of the mushrooms. Their customer base has a sensitive palate and enjoys earthy and natural. We used a combination of stevia and monk fruit to bring the cocoa to life without completely removing the earthy mushroom taste.


ZenBlend was a great product to design. Overall we had a great time coming up with solutions to some of the roadblocks throughout this process. We are happy with the results of the product and the opportunity to create products with real value!

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